Reflecting the publication of “Phenomenology of Word Expositions “in different countries

Reflecting the publication of “Phenomenology of Word Expositions “in different countries
Following the publication of “ Phenomenology of Word Expositions “ ; a valuable book by Director of Public Relations and International Affairs of the I.I.IRAN International Exhibitions Company, Mr. Mohammad Saadatipour ; some senior officials from different countries around the word expressed their satisfaction from publication such this exquisite collection by sending some messages, and have stated their opinions about this book as bellow:
- Secretary General of the minister of economy, development and tourism of Greece, Mr. Ilias Xanthakos by expressing deepest thanks for sending this book to him, stated that: this book is a valuable work in presentation of the history of world EXPOs and he really enjoyed it as well.
- Commissioner General of Sultanate of Oman Pavilion on Expo Milan 2015, Mr. Mohsin Al Balushi; has thanked for sending this book to him and congratulating its author and also Deputy Minister of Industry – Mine and Trade, Chairman of the board & Managing director of the I.I.IRAN International Exhibitions Company, Mr. Hossien Esfahbobi; for collecting and publishing such as this valuable book, too.
- Also Commissioner General of Lithuania at Expo 2005 Aichi - Japan, Expo 2008 Zaragoza - Spain, Expo 2010 Shanghai - China , Expo 2012 Yeosu - south Korea and Expo 2015 Milan - Italy, Mr. Romas Jankauskas ; expressed his opinion by sending a message that we summarized it as below:
“I would say this book may raise awareness also among general public as it is extremely laconic (giving us essential information on each Expos as well as countries that have hosted Expos so far) and maximum illustrative, language of images is most universal and understandable all over the word. Great value of this book is a detailed review of Iranian state’s participation in the Word Expos since the first one in London until up to Expo Milano 2015.Let me express my gratitude for including photos of the Lithuania pavilions which they are taken with love and attitude